Best Places To Live In Australia

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Moving to Australia, but don’t know where to live? We do! How? We spoke to the best migration agent in Melbourne in Aus Direct Migration and they gave us a few answers. (and if you want more answers, you can contact them today!)

  1. Melbourne
    The number one city in Australia. Melbourne is loaded with multiculturalism and looked to the brim with things to do. It is always buzzing and very localised. With the growing job market and population, you will be able to settle in nicely. The downsides are obvious: it is expensive to live there, houses are not cheap and the overcrowded factor can be a bit draining.
  2. Brisbane
    The biggest city up north, Brisbane is known for two things: One, the heat is on year-round; Two, the city is buzzing during the summer time. But that does not mean that is not a great place to live. In fact, it is great place to start a family as jobs are plentiful, it is a more affordable than Melbourne or Sydney and the weather is always warm. The downside? Storms can be pretty brutal and summer can cook you quite well.
  3. Adelaide
    Perhaps the smallest, and most quietest, city in Australia. But don’t let it fool you. If you are looking for something tranquil and easy-going, than Adelaide will work wonders for you. The city is not large, but there is plenty of things to do, as well as the natural side of things is plentiful. Based off the coast, it is not the most desirable in terms of beach cities, but it is still nice. A very community-like feeling city.
  4. Perth
    The furthest city out West is also one of the nicest cities across the country. There is no doubting that if you want that beachy weather, a quiet place and an easy time, then Perth is for you. There is no doubting that it is going to take some time to adjust to it, but there is plenty of things for you to do.
  5. Sydney
    Last but not least, the biggest city in Australia, Sydney. Yes, it is full of beaches, sunny weather, and known for its beauty, but there is a downside to this city. It is extremely expensive and will hurt your hip pocket as you move closer to the city. Transportation is also a mess (and pricey too) and the people have been known for being overly pompous and snooty. However, if you can live with the lifestyle then we recommend going there.